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“ I had probed his soul, as if to lay it bare, and question him about the wrongdoing he was committing... »

After years of an uneventful life, Sylvie suddenly sees her daily life turned upside down. One morning in March 1998, on her way to her workplace in the Paris suburbs, she was the victim of a violent robbery.

What could look like a simple news item will plunge her into deep questioning because clues lead her to think that this characterized aggression is linked to obscure shenanigans of her entourage and professional environment. Did we want to intimidate her, to encourage her to keep quiet about what she had already observed and would risk revealing? His lucidity and integrity could disturb...

Faced with masked adversity, she will have to seek answers to her questions and contact the police authorities to shed light on those responsible and their motivations. But will Justice fulfill its mission to the end in this case?

This is what you will discover in this life story, both an intimate confession and a thriller-like story, which challenges us with its authenticity and sincerity.

Beyond a call for the truth of the facts, neglected by the investigation and the judicial authorities,Sylvie Calascibetta's testimony is also a moving lesson in courage and hope, in resilience, which proves that it is always possible to bounce back after an ordeal.

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