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Author biography

I was born in 1963, in Meulan, in the Yvelines, from the union of my parents Roberte and Benvenuto Calascibetta. My father, Italian of Sicilian origin by his parents, was born in Tunisia, where the latter had settled. My grandfather Giuseppe worked in the hotel and restaurant industry. My father will take up the torch and run two Italian restaurant brands “Borsalino” in Paris.

After an uneventful childhood in the suburbs of Paris, in a modest environment but where mutual aid reigned, I started working very young in shops and markets. I really enjoyed this experience, engaging but friendly and in contact with people. I also trained as an accounting secretary, a job that I have practiced for a good part of my life in the capital and in the Paris region, while being an executive assistant for a while.

I moved to Deauville in 2007 where I am now involved in various activities, including personal services, which bring me great satisfaction through the creation of human links, as useful as they are fulfilling.

"Ma résurrection" is my first book, both autobiography, personal investigation into an environment with dubious practices and the desire to restore the truth of the facts, neglected by Justice.

I wanted it to simply reflect my sensitivity, wounded by injustice but always open to others, and my character as a fighter, even a "survivor"...

Thanks to everyone who reads me!

Sincerely yours,

Sylvie Calascibetta

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